Prolong Roof Life and Save Money

Prolong Roof Life and Save Money


Increase the useful remaining life of a 20,000 square foot flat roof without reroofing the entire building.


Collaborating with a valued supplier partner, Buyers Access provided a member with a fluid applied roofing system solution in lieu of an entire roof replacement, increasing useful roof life by 10+ years.


50%+ Savings

on product and labor utilizing a Fluid Applied Roofing System*

30% Energy Savings

on average**


existing useful roof by 10+ Years

Sustainable Solution

No landfill scraps or fees


A owner member contacted Buyers Access to help identify a solution to prolong the useful remaining roof life of one of their properties in advance of a potential property disposition. The customer was looking for a more cost and time effective solution to completing a traditional full reroof.

Reroofing costs and quotes for flat roofs can often exceed $25 per square foot. Utilizing a fluid applied roofing system on existing roofs, owners can extend the useful remaining life of a roof by 10+ years, omit tear-off waste and pollution, and create a more energy efficient building, potentially saving 50% + over the lifetime of a roof.

  • For a 20,000 square foot flat roof, an owner can expect savings of around $260,000 when using the fluid applied roofing system over a 50-year time frame.
  • This product can be applied by maintenance staff and the supplier partner will provide training/application videos to staff
  • The supplier team will do a free evaluation of a roof to ensure it is a good fit for the product
  • Long term warranty options are available (10-20 years)
  • With this solution there is minimal to no disruption to residents
  • Compliant with green building programs – suggest discussing with their regional supplier representative
  • Click on Uniflex Roof – Fluid Applied Roofing Systems for additional insight

*dependent of geography and building size, average savings
**dependent on geography, average savings in US